Scholastic Book of World Records: 2004

Scholastic Book of World Records: 2004

Look and find the answers to this quiz in the Scholastic Book of World Records 2004

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What animal is the worlds tallest land mammal?

What is the worlds largest ocean?

What baseball team has the most World Series wins?

What country has the most computers in use?

Who is the worlds highest paid actress?

What country has won the most medals at the olympics?

What planet has the most rings?

Who is the worlds top earning female singer?

What is the worlds highest waterfall?

What is the worlds smallest bird?

What was the deadlest hurricane disaster in the 20th century?

What country eats the most meat?

What state holds the US RECORD for the largest movie studio?

What is the worlds MOST VALUABLE barbie?

What is the worlds best selling kids video game?