Bringing things into focus

Bringing things into focus

Move it to the left a bit... no... yeah... no back a bit... yeah. yeah that's it. leave it there.

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Dogs have a good sense of smell?

Dogs have a good sense of SMELL
Dogs have a good SENSE of smell
Dogs HAVE a good sense of smell
DOGS have a good sense of smell

When does left become right?

Select the one correct answers
If it's telling the truth
If the paperwork's all there
As soon as you wake up

Which one of the follow answers is the right one?

This one here
That one there
Not this one

Bubble bubble toil and trouble where did I put my pot?

Have you checked the usual place?
It'll turn up, just use the small pan
It was too oily so I threw it away


Between 30 and 40 seconds
You missed it
Later, after this