For interns/trainees

We are looking for interns/trainees for GVC Systems for developing electronic projects. Aim for this test to know what you know. While you can google, refer to books or even ask your friends, we wish to tell you that during personal interview we will be discussing about subjects where you have replied. So writing a correct answer without having full knowledge about it may not be good as it will backfire. So if you are not sure of a subject/topic, it is better to skip it. You do not have to complete all questions. It is perfectly okay to write "No Idea" or "Not Confident" or "Do not understand question"

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Which Electronics Magazines you read regularly. Click if you buy them every month or have been reading them for last six months.

Electronics For You
Electronics Maker
Embedded 4 You
Any other Indian Magazine dealing with Electronics
Any other foreign magazine dealing with Electronics

Which instruments you use regularly in college lab/at home.

Click only if you work with them and can operate as easily as you can operate your mobile phone ie you know at least 80% of functions and knobs.

Variable Power Supply
Frequency Generator
Spectrum Analyser
Few more. Will explain during personal interview

How many Bulbs can be connected to a normal on/off switch at your home.

Make assumptions and specify them. We are not looking at correct answer but the process on how you find them.

We are looking for simple and quick answer so make as few assumption as are required. Do not complicate.


When you open electricity meter box in your home, what parts do you see there. Name them along with their functions.

Also write what is not there but is necessary.


What parameters are available on electricity meter installed in your home. Why are they required?


Home many communities/blog you follow on Orkut/Facebook/Net.

Use numbers where you are a regular reader and ask questions, reply to others queries or read regularly ie at least once every week.

Upto 5
Between 6-10
more than 10

How much money you spend on magazines, electronics books, components, Kits, Instruments that are not required as per college syllabus. You do it as part of your interest.

Zero. Almost Nil
Around 10% of college fees+monthly expenses
Around 20% of college fees+month expenses
More than 20% of college fees + monthly expenses

Which all projects you have made in college labs or home. Click if you can redo again (ie you did it yourself and know it fully)

Power Supply
Audio Amplifier
Light Detector using LDR or Photo Transistor
Remote Control
DTMF Detector
Some Micro Controller based Project
Some project based on 555
Frequency Generator

Do you usually look at electrical specification on items that are used in your home/college. For example what is that wattage of fridge and its connection diagram, or power rating of electrical geyser and precautions to be followed while installing.


Explain what parameters can be checked using CRO.

What are the typical parameters of CRO (like for mobile it is camera resolution, number of SIM Cards, Screen Size, Key board (Touch / Querty / Normal), GPRS connectivity etc..)


Do people/family trust you to check/rectify electrical/electronics parts like Mobile, TV, Audio, Remote Handset, Geyser, Blown Fuse etc..


Why you opted for electronics? Choose one main reason.

Parents/Some one close to family recommendation
Most of my school fellows were doing it
Just as it is
It is the cool thing
Possibility of job is high.

What do you want to be now.

There is no right answer. Select what is right for you. Feel free to select 'Do not know' This is a perfectly valid answer.

An technical expert (it takes long time)
A good manager
Do not know.

What is the battery voltage and its capacity for your mobile phone. Write model number of your phone also. Feel free to open your mobile and look at battery voltage.


What is battery voltage and its capacity of inverter used at your home.


What does 98.3 and FM stand for Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM station.


What is the bandwidth of Video Channels. Tell us about Video Signals and Video Transmissions.


If we connect a 10 ohm resistance across 12V Battery, what will be power consumed across resistance.

what happens to this power?