Do you know all there is to know about gold. Put your knowledge to the test and see how much you really know.

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Gold is...

A metal

Who/ what in general benefits from a gold rush???

Select the three correct answers
The Town
The Government
The miners
David Jones

Where was the 1st gold rush???

Select the one correct answers
Australia, Ballarat
America, California
France, Paris
Italy, Siracusa
England, London

What is a gold rush???

A gold rush is a store that sells lots of gold that they find in a gold mine.
A goldrush is when a goldfield with a lot of gold is found and people come from all over the world to find gold.
A gold rush is when it is raining gold.
A gold rush is when there is a gold piece of paper.
A gold rush is a gold nugget.

Who was famous for finding the Ophir Goldfield???

Bill Gates
David Jones
Edward Hargraves
Steve Johnson
John Smith

What were some bad things about a gold rush in the 1800's???

Select the three correct answers
people die
you can't go to the gold rush
family's get sepperated
You live in a tent

Why did Edward Hargraves want to start a gold rush???

Because he wanted to become famous
So he could take all the gold in the goldfield
So he could get the reward money
Because he wanted to look at all of the gold

Why was the government offering reward money to whoever found a goldfield in the 1800's - 1850's

Select the three correct answers
Because a goldfield would attract tourists
So Australia would be awesome
So the government would get the money to develop small towns
Because the government wanted gold miners to move to Australia
So Australia would become a richer country

Why did the government want to keep the discovery of gold by Edward Hargraves a secret???