My Album Covers Quiz

My Album Covers Quiz

This is a quiz for some album covers I like. I like them so much, I decide to draw them.

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The band is on a bunch of floating boxes, near a sunset. Which band did this album?

Which Police album cover featured a metronome and a piano with eggs lying on the black keys?

Against a black background, a man is moving forward, shown in pink and holding a machete. Who did this album?

Black Sabbath
Molly Hatchet
Van Halen
Steve Winwood

With an orange background, the band's name is on all four sides, and a red swirl is swirling to the center, and all members of the band's faces are in the swirl. Which one is it?

Anthrax-"State of Euphoria"
KISS-"Rock and Roll Over"
Van Halen-"OU182"

Against a black background, there is white line going through a prism and a line of colors are looking straight out of it.

38 Special
Pink Floyd
R.E.O. Speedwagon

Four men are near a giant tomb or grave, which is shaped like a rectangle, and the setting is in a desert area. Which album by The Who is this?

The Who Sell Out
Who's Next?
Who's Last?

There are no words on the front, just a picture of a man harvesting his crops. Which Led Zeppelin album is this?

Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin 2
Led Zeppelin 3
Led Zeppelin 4
Houses of the Holy
Physical Graffiti
In Through the Out Door

It looks like a lot of famous people on the album. Actually, It's the famous people's CUTOUTS on it, and below them is the band shown as army men. Which band is it?

The Beatles
Crosby, Stills, and Nash
38 Special

On the back cover for Jethro Tull's "Songs From The Wood", there is a tree stump. What was the tree stump being used as?

A stove
A drum
A record player
A table

What happened if you applied water on the inner cover for Led Zeppelin's "In Through The Out Door"?

It changed color
It ripped
It bubbled
Nothing, You Silly!

On the cover for ZZ Top's "Eliminator", where is the car going?

toward you
to the left
to the right
away from you

On the cover for Boston's first album, there are flying ____ leaving an exploding planet.