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What kind of party was thrown when carly gained 'internet frame' after the first episode of 'iCarly'?

Select the one correct answers
Crazy hat party
Purple hat party
Red hat party

What colour hat did carly wear during the crazy hat party?
( a ______ hat)

What is Spencers job
( an ____________)?

where does carly's dad work?

a Navy
a sailor
a police man

What meal did Spencer create?

Who does sam hate?
(pick two)

Select the two correct answers
Her mum

Who bothers Freddie the most?

His mum

Who does Lewbert hate

Everyone in his hotel
Carly, Sam and Freddie
Everybody in the world

What does Spencer turn his camera into?

A pig
A skunk
A squirrel

What does Carly spray on Freddie to get his attention in the episode "iThink They Kissed?"

pressurized air
orange juice