My Most Rockin' Summer Ever!!!

My Most Rockin' Summer Ever!!!

This quiz is about how I started my biggest summer ever, which is when some dude made the family go to a concert. You were asking, who was performing? It was an 11-year-old singer named Brooks Paul. If you want to know about him, then you're in the right place.

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Which Led Zeppelin song did he play?

Brooks signed a t-shirt.


Which member of my family said, "When Brooks threw his bandana and his sunglasses off, he looked like a sweet little girl"?

My older brother
My mom
My dad

The concert started at which time?


Which Alice Cooper song did he play?

Why did my dad go up on stage?

He liked Brooks.
He just formed a band.
He used to be a classic rock DJ on the radio.

Which Foreigner song did he play?