So you think you know the Hunger Games

So you think you know the Hunger Games

if you've read the books and watched the movies, here's your chance to proove it!!! :) p.s, don't ask about the picture

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I am a charactor in the Hunger Games that wasn't in the movie at all and was very important in the begining. Who Am I?

Lady (Prim's goat)
Peeta's mom

What was the main danger in the Hunger Games Haymitch was in?

trees that come alive
demon woodland animals
spontainious wildfires

In the future, would you let your kid read the Hunge Games?

Heck, yeah!
If my child wants to
Way too dangerous

Do you think Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson would ever hook up?

Well duh, they're costars!
Idk, i guess...
Josh Hutcherson is too good for her!

Choose the best answer:

team peeta
team gale
team katniss