Do you know the tv shows I watch?

You probably don't but here is a test to see how many people do, also please don't judge my tv show choices

published on July 17, 20188 responses 1

Ok first off, a show about four kids who live in winsconsin (hope i spelled that right)

4 kids one problem
Liv and maddy
Stars without the sky

Two best friends who have the ability to time travel

Best friends whenever
See you in the future
Not enough time

Daughter of the main character from boy meets world

Boy meets girl
Daughter meets world
Girl meets world

Fairy tale characters are trapped in between two worlds, one knows who they are, one can save them all

Two worlds
Once upon a time

6 friends have elements to defeat evil

A show about optical illusions and how your brain works

Brain games
Mind of the mind
Way of the brain

I'm sorry if this was too short

It our right it was too short, only 7 questions
It's ok

Are you judging me for the tv shows I watched rn?

(It's ok if you are)

Yes tbh


Bye boi