How well do you know Ever After High?

How well do you know Ever After High?

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Briar Beauty is the daughter of who? (Extra points for capital letters and full stops!)

Who wants to write their own destiny?

Maddie Hatter.
Raven Queen.
Cerise hood.

Is Kitty Cheshire a royal or rebel?


Who is in love with Dexter?

C.A Cupid
Raven Queen
Briar Beauty

Who says 'Just right' all the time?

Blondie locks
Maddie Hatter

Maddie Hatter can speak in...

Riddilish and english.

Who is the fairest of them all and who is the evilest?

Select the two correct answers
Raven Queen is evil.
Apple white is evil
Apple white is fair
Maddie Hatter is fair

Who is the head?

Grimy head
Headmaster Grim
Charles Grim.