Undertale Character Test

you will be guessing who says the following lines from Toby Fox's "Undertale"

published on March 232 responses 0

I never knew dogs could pet other dogs..

Beware of the man who speaks in hands-

It has been 8 days and, you still haven't re-calibrated your puzzles!!


Wah ha ha


remember my name

I-I'm not one of the "bad guys"

Oh honey! You want me to move? Ok!

ribbit ribbit

Abra Kadabra!

You really aren't (avatar name) are you?

I've got knives!

I will make your last living moments, Absolutely Beautiful!


Greetings, I am -

Oh... I'm.... Sorry

I can only see moving things


After everything I have done to hurt you... you spare me?

We aren't gonna be friends, we're gonna be BESTIES

We are like SO hyped for the destruction of humanity!

*sexy wiggle*

Yes, we know, it's spelled wrong

Go to your room.

Snail Snail

Don't you know how to greet a new pal?