Undertale Character Test

you will be guessing who says the following lines from Toby Fox's "Undertale"

published on March 23, 20182 responses 0

*sexy wiggle*

I-I'm not one of the "bad guys"

I can only see moving things


You really aren't (avatar name) are you?

I've got knives!

We are like SO hyped for the destruction of humanity!

Greetings, I am -

It has been 8 days and, you still haven't re-calibrated your puzzles!!

Yes, we know, it's spelled wrong

Oh... I'm.... Sorry

remember my name

Go to your room.

Snail Snail

Oh honey! You want me to move? Ok!



Wah ha ha

After everything I have done to hurt you... you spare me?

I will make your last living moments, Absolutely Beautiful!


Abra Kadabra!

ribbit ribbit

We aren't gonna be friends, we're gonna be BESTIES

I never knew dogs could pet other dogs..

Don't you know how to greet a new pal?

Beware of the man who speaks in hands-