would you be a good hostage negotiator?

most people think being a police officer is easy but it is not and being a negotiator is extremely tough work so know what you are doing

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you are talking a subject down from jumping he is right about to jump what do you do

you get climers to clime down to help him if he jumps
you give up and go into a rage
you keep talking him down untill you signal to the climbers to start trying to save him

you are called to the seen of a locked hostage taker and hostage and he is threatening to kill the hostage if you do not leave what do you do

Select the two correct answers
you gather info on the hostage taker and begin talking to him and tell him " OK i am backing away lets just talk"
kick down the door and through in a flash bang (if it comes to that)
shoot the hostage taker !!!!!!
you lie to the subject and tell him you have backed away and when he looks to see that you have left you kill him

you have been talking to a subject who has been trying multiple time to kill him self and the 3rd time he he rely kill's him self how do you handle it

Select the two correct answers
you shout in anger as he takes his life
you wipe the tears from your face and walk away disappointed
keep on talking trying to pull him back

you are called to a active shooter in progress and you make contacted with the shooter who now has turned in to a hostage taker but he has locked him self in to a room what do you do.

through in a through phone and call through a bull horn to pic it up and answer
go lethal and shoot him through the glass
go less lethal and through a flash bang in

what is a hostage negotiator