Garcinia and Skin Care Knowledge Check

Test you knowledge of all of services and procedures for servicing our Garcinia and Skin Care customers.

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What are the elements of the membership program?

This is a one-time purchase and no other products will be shipped/No other charges will occur.
If you do not call Customer Service with the 15 day trail period, future charges and shipments will occur.
The initial shipment will be a “trail-size” product.
There is a 15 day initial trial period for which the customer only pays for shipping & handling.
You will ONLY receive new products when you call the 800 number to order.
After the trial period, all future orders will be billed at the same $4.95 price.
Shipping and handling is only charged on the first, trial, order.

If a customer wants to return unwanted items to us, what is the correct procedure?

Advise the customer to call UPS and have them come and pick up the product for return.
Give then the return (Fulfillment Center) address. Advise them to make sure that their return is able to be tracked. Advise them to call us back with the tracking number to help speed up the return process.
Scroll down to RMA Section of order and click the drop down and select appropriate reason from drop-down menu. Click on, “Generate RMA Notification.” Notate account appropriately
A & C
B & C

What does this icon represent?

What does this icon represent?

What does this icon represent?

What does this icon represent?

What does this icon represent?

What does this icon represent?

What is the appropriate greeting for an inbound call?

“Hello, this is ***. What’s your name?”
"Thank you for calling Customer Service. My name is ***. Who do I have the pleasure of speaking with today?”
“Hello. This is ***. Please hold!”
“Thank you for calling Customer Service. May I have your name and credit card number, please?”

What is a customer billed for on day 1, when they first sign up?

$4.95 S & H

What is the time frame for the return process how long before a customer’s credit card is credited?

3-5 days
Up to 10 business days