are u the ultimate hunger games fan?

are u the ultimate hunger games fan?

take this quiz if you think you know every last word of all three books in the trilagy The Hunger Games

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who was katniss's mentor?

what is haymitch's last name?


What is Katniss's little sister's name?

what is Gale's nickname for Katniss?


who was katniss and peeta's stylist?

how did haymitch win his games?

a secret forcefield bounced back the weapons people threw at him and killed them
he killed everyone with a see through staff
he climbed a tree and stayed there 'till everyone was dead

what was Katniss's last name?


who smells like death and roses?

Why cant the tributes in any of the games start right away?

because its fun for the people to count down
the people like watching the tributes wait for 10 seconds
because they will be blown to pieces if they go to early

how do Katniss and Gale know each other?

Select the two correct answers
Both their fathers died in the mine accedent
they met at the reaping
by meeting on the bus
Through hunting illigally