Minecraft quiz

Minecraft quiz

If you play minecraft have a shot at this easy to hard quiz! Have fun! Made by HardDartGaming!

published on July 25, 201284 responses 38 3.3★ / 5

(Very Easy) Q: What foods give you food poisoning?

Steak & Raw Chicken
Zombie flesh & Raw Chicken
Cooked Porkchop & Zombie Flesh

(Easy) Q: What is the mythical creature in minecraft?


(Very Middle)Q: do you spell the purple rock in minecraft (Dont look on wiki please.)

(Middle) Q: How much health do you have when you have lost all your hunger?

Half your health
No heath
Half a heart

(Hard) Q: In the nether what kind of sand slows you down?

Soul sand
Slow sand
Walk sand

(Very Hard) Q: What happens when a pig gets truck by lightning?

Turns into pig zombie
Turns into a creeper

(Expert) Q: What should you never do?

Teebag a creeper
Build a house
Dig down

(Very Expert) Q: Think out side the box!

srepeec eid!
evah nuf!