The Lady or the Tiger

The Lady or the Tiger

English project by Dayne and Sarah

published on September 30, 201012 responses 1
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How did the king punish the criminals in his kingdom?

He put them on trial, where the judge decided their fate
He executed them in front of the whole kingdom
He put them in an arena and they chose between two doors
He made them do community service

What was the man in question accused of?

Loving the kings daughter
Stealing a pocketbook
Trying to kill the king

What happens if the accused person chooses the door with the lady?

The lady decides his future
They are immediately married
The lady offers him a job

What did the princess find out?

Who the lady was, and behind which door she was behind and which the lion was behind
That there was lion behind each door
There was a lady behind each door

Did the princess's lover follow her directions?

Yes, without question
Yes, with hesitation
No he does not

What is the outcome of the story?

He chooses the door with the lion and is eaten
He chooses the lady and is immediately married
He follows the princess's directions but the outcome is unknown