Caldecott Books

Caldecott Books

What do you know about Caldecott books? This quiz will test your knowledge.

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Who wrote The Invention of Hugo Cabret?

Mo Willems
Brian Selznick
David Wiesner

Which story is about a girl who wants to dress herself?

Knufflebunny: A Cautionary Tale
Ella Sarah Gets Dressed
The Three Pigs

What animal is on the cover of Grandpa Green?

A mouse
A lion
An elephant

Which story teaches us that even little things can do big things?

The Lion and The Mouse
Don't Let the Pigeon Drive The Bus
The Three Pigs

Who is the author of A House In The Night

Beth Krommes
Mo Willems
Nikki Giovanni

Which story is about the transformation from seed to plant, caterpillar to butterfly, and tadpole to frog?

The Red Book
First the Egg
The Three Pigs

Which story is about an African American woman who refused to give up her seat on the bus?

The Invention of Hugo Cabret
Fancy Nancy

Which story is about a boy who can't seem to make the right choices?

No, David!
The Gardner
Harry Potter

What is the story Tops and Bottoms about?

A rabbit who tricks a bear out of his crops.
A rabbit who sleeps while the bear works on the crops.
A rabbit who hates carrots.

What happened in A Chair For My Mother, that was such a tragedy?

A fire
A storm
A volcano

The story of The Three Pigs was written by whom?

Mo Willems
David Wiesner
Brian Selznick

In the story The Three Pigs, why did the pigs go out into the world?

To play.
To find food.
To seek fortune.

In the story So You Want To Be President, what vegetable would George H. W. Busch have to eat as a child?

green beans

In the story Snowflake Bentley, what did Wilson Bentley think snowflakes were?

small miracles

Who is the author of Rapunzel?

Paul O. Zelinsky
David Wiesner
Nikki Giovanni

In the story Golem, who do the super natural forces want to save?

homeless people
oppressed people
funny people

Who is the author of Mirette On The High Wire?

Mo Wilems
Emily Arnold Mccully
Margaret Chodos-Irvine

In the story Tuesday, what time does Tuesday take place?

around 2
around 5
around 8

In the story Shadow, who does the Shadow like to mingle with?

the animals
the players
the dancers

Who wrote Ox-Cart Man?

David Wiesner
Donald Hall
David Wisniewski

In the story Air to The Sun,what is the source of life?

the solar area
the solar system
the solar fire

In the story The Funny Little Woman, what was the little woman chasing?

A dumpling
An animal
Her husband

In One Fine Day, what does the fox steal from an old farm woman?

her purse
her food
her milk

In the story The Fool of The World and The Flying Ship, The Zar says he'll marry his daughter to a man who brings him what?

a flying pig
a flying ship
a flying dog

The old woman chased Squire Lovel with what?

a mop
a comb
a broom