How well do you know Dark Shadows?

How well do you know Dark Shadows?

See how well you know the newest Tim Burton movie, Dark Shadows! Have fun

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Who did Angelique love?

Roger Collins
Barnabas Collins
Willie Loomis

Who did Barnabas Collins love in the beginning of the movie?

Elizabeth Collins Stoddard
Victoria Winters
Angelique Bouchard
Josette duPres

What was Angelique's first curse she placed on the Collins family?

If he does another choose, to lend his heart than I, magic shall decide at use, so all he loves will...die
Make the high and mighty low, arrogant creatures down you go
Sleeping flame I summon thee to your form return; make the night as bright as day and burn, baby, burn!

Who were/was the first person/people Angelique cursed?

Barnabas Collins
Barnabas's parents

What is Victoria Winters real name?

Maggie Evans

How many years was Barnabas locked in the coffin?


What happened to David's mother?

She was sent to the bottom of the ocean by Angelique
She got in a car crash
Left Collinwood Manor because she didn't want a son

What is the name of Angelique's company?

Angie's fishing company

How old is Carolyn?


What does Victoria and David have in common?

They are the same age
They both see ghosts
They are both part of the Collins family

What does Barnabas catch Dr. Hoffman doing?

Using his blood to make herself immortal

Who does Angelique send to Widow's Hill?

David and Elizabeth
Josette and Victoria
Barnabas and Dr. Hoffman

Who does Carolyn want at the ball?

Alice Cooper
Barnabas Collins
Angelique Bouchard

Who plays Roger Collins?

Johnny Depp
Jonny Lee Miller
Gully McGrath

Who plays Angelique Bouchard?

Eva Green
Chloe Grace Moretz
Helena Bonham Carter

What two songs does Alice Cooper sing in the movie?

Nights in white satin and Your my first, my last, my everything
No more Mr. Niceguy and Ballad of Dwight Fry
Season of the witch and Nights in white satin

Who does Victoria Winters look like?

Maggie Evans
Carolyn Stoddard
Josette duPres

Which curses did Angelique cast and to which people?

Elizabeth: werewolf, Dr. Hoffman: vampire, Roger Collins: to die at the bottom of the ocean
Carolyn: werewolf, Barnabas: vampire, Laura Collins: to die at the bottom of the ocean

What is David's mothers name?

Laura Collins
Sarah Collins
Carolyn Stoddard

What does Victoria Winters become at the end of the movie?