Zombie attack

See if YOU would survive.

published on September 21, 201041 responses 11 1.9★ / 5

What gun would you choose?

Shotgun, it doubles as a club!
Rifle, those are kick-ass!
Bazooka, rockets rule!

Okay, let's say you're surrounded by 10 zombies, your gun has 9 bullets in it. Are ya screwed?

Yes, but 9 of them are screwed too!
Is 9 less than 10?

Let's say your best friend has changed, what do ya do?

Kill him, without remorse.
let him live.
leave him with a gun and some ammo.

What would you travel with?

nobody, i'm a bad motha all on my own!
1 friend
a small group
a large group

Where would you hide?

a 2 story house
Nowhere, ya gotta keep moving.
A bus on its side

If your boyfriend/girlfriend was turning, who you love more than life itself, could you kill him/her?

yes, i'd have to...
I don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend. :(