Finish the song line!

Finish the song line!

So im gonna write a sentence from a song and ur gonna fill in the blank! Enjoy!

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ohh sometimes i get a good ___ yeah

u dont kno oh oh u dont know ___

Dirty dancin in the moon light, take me down like imma ___

Its quater after 1 im a little drunk and i need ___

katy perry's on replay, shes only replay. djs got the ___

I swear 2 u ill be there 4 u this is not a ___

__On the clock but the party wont stop no

Can u blow my whistle baby whistle baby let me kno girl imma show u how u do and we'll start ___

Now ur just somebody that i ___

Baby ur a ___

now tht i c u in his arms i ___

even when ur sleepin keep ur ___

Hey I just met u, and this is crazy. But here's my number so ___