Do you know your best friend?

Do you know your best friend?

Do you know your best friend like the back of your hand? If you do take this quiz to find out!

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So your best friend ask's do you know there favorite color? You say...

Select the one correct answers
Yeah it green right? :P
Ask me tomorrow!
Why should i know?
Ahahah NO!
Yes of course i do, your my best friend! Purple of course! :)

Your bestie has a really horrible top on and she ask's do you like it? You say...

Is that your mums?
Wow nice um... top
Cool top, were can i get one?
You look A.M.A.Z.I.N.G

Your friend is wearing the same jeans as you. You tell her to...

Select the one correct answers
Get them off i look way better in them, then you do! :P
Stop copping me, i don't want you to look like me!
Haha, we look like twins ;)
Wow we look great!
Aw you look really pretty! I love your jeans!

Your friend see a super cute guy walking down the road, but you saw him too! You say..

Select the one correct answers
I saw him first and you have food in your teeth! :/
Wow did you see him!?
Aw you can have him, hes not my type. :)
Your my best friend, he's yours i have someone anyway.

Your both getting some food and you see the last chocolate fudge muffin. You say to her...

Select the one correct answers
Touch it your dead!!
Hay look Justine Bieber! :D
Rock, paper, scissors!?
Lets share :)
No you can have it, i am on a diet.

Your bff have a really big crush on your brother, you see her giving him the eyes! You say...

Select the one correct answers
What the! OMG you love my brother!! :O
Umm, what are you doing?!
Your my BEST friend, he's my BROTHER!!
Really?! You can do way better! :)
Aw, that's sooo cute, you would make a great couple ;)
Go for it, i know he likes you!!

So your going to watch a movie, but can't decide what to go see. Your both getting mad and start to argue!

Select the one correct answers
We are NOT going to see that movie
I love this film, so its this one!
We saw that last week not going to see it again! ;(
You pick, i don't mind :)

Last question. Your best, best friend is MOVING!! Your really upset and mad, what do you say?...

Select the one correct answers
WHAT your leaving, i get dibs on your locker!
Great, my best friend is leaving! I will never see her again. :(
Will you still come and see me? Will you still be my bff?
OMG, I am going to miss you sooo much! :'(
Ring me every day, oh and make sure you come and see me, oh, oh
and your the best friend ever! :)