Adam Lambert Song Names

Adam Lambert Song Names

I will give you a line from an Adam Lambert song and you type in the name of the song. IMPORTANT: Also, if there is an apostrophe (') in the song name, please put it in.

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There he goes
My baby walks so slow
Sexual tic-tac-toe

Am I about to do a three?

All along
I tried to pretend it didn't matter
If I was alone

Girls in stripper heels
Boys rolling in Maseratis
What they need in this world is some love

Steel to my tremblin' lips
How did the night ever get like this?
One shot and the whiskey goes down

Blame the game
Quit blamin' the gays

It's plain to see
That baby, you're beautiful
And there's nothing wrong with you

I aint got B.S in my bag
That's the one thing you can believe
My heart is gold my body is glass
Come on baby can't you see?

You've got something to say
Your hands are tied
Open your mouth
Open it wide

Walk that walk like you don't give a f***
You've got a right to turn it up and get down

All I ever do is overthink and drink until I attack

You see the fake in everything that is real

Take the pain
Take the pleasure
I'm a master of both

I saw a picture of you
Hangin in an empty hallway

It's so hard to think this could fade away
But what goes up must come down