1140 Quiz - Revision for tomorrow!

1140 Quiz - Revision for tomorrow!

Quiz for those wanting something to do because we have nothing left to study but the prac unit.

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Why must we add 30 to 60mL of water to feeding bag when tube feeding a patient? Provide the MAIN reason!

to remove any excess wind to prevent abdominal pain
water helps flush the feeding tube
to hydrate the patient

What type of solution was used in labs when removing sutures?

Saline Solution

What is the MOST important and first thing we do when performing a BGL?

Explain to the patient what will be happening
Wash your hands to maintain asepsis
Wipe the patient's finger with an alcowipe?

What are the symptoms of Dysuria

Increase in voiding
Pus in the urine
Difficulty voiding

When re positioning a patient from one side to another you must always consider:

Use your back muscles to move the patient
The patient's temperature
Patient safety: pull up the bed rail to prevent falls

What is the normal pH for urine?

between 4.6 and 8
1.010 to 1.025

A colonoscopy allows for which of the following?

Visual examination of the oesophagus and stomach
Iodine stained xray of the intestinal system
Visual examination of the large intestine

A non-rebreather mask is suitable for

short term administration of high dose oxygen
long term administration of high dose oxygen
has two prongs for the nostrils