Coagulation Anticogaulation Disturbance and Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC) multiple choice

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which does relate with a bleeding of DIC?

blood coagulation substances consumed
activation of fibrinolytic system
a large amount of FDP is formed
microvascular damages and its permeability increase
by the microthrombus

the hypercoagulable state takes place in?

Hint: 2 choices
the impairment of monunclear phagocytes system
the activate stage of fibrinolytic system
the serious alkalosis
the terminal stage of a preganancy

in acute DIC the effects of FDP are?

Hint: 2 choices
activating fibrinolytic system
promoting hemolytic anemia
promoting microvessel dilation
inhibiting activiting of blood coagulation

what is the decreased reason of coagulation factors in acute DIC?

Hint: 2 choices
the blood coagulation factors is consumed severely
the effect of activated secondary fibrinolytic system
the effect of FDP
the effect of hemolytic anemia

amniotic fluid embolism may cause a acute DIC because in amniotic fluid there are?

Hint: 2 choices
a lot of granule substances
a lot of coagulation inhibitors
a large amount of tissue factor
a lot of microthromb

the major direct reason of caused shock by an acute DIC are?

Hint: 3 choices
the amount of blood return↓ by obstruction of
widespread microthrombosis
the effective blood volume↓ by severe bleeding
the substances of vessel dilation↑ in DIC pathological
a great consumed of blood coagulation factors

in acute DIC the effect of the activated fibrinolytic system is?

Hint: 3 choices
activate intrinsic pathway of coabulation
degraded microthrombus
inhibiting activity of blood coagualtion
degraded some coagulation factors

which factors belong to the predisposing factors of DIC?

Hint: 2 choices
hypercoagulable state
obstetrc accidents
serious disorder of microcirculation
a large amount of FDP is formed

in an acute DIC the major reason of caused bleeding are?

Hint: 2 choices
progressing increase of the coagulation factors
severe lack of vitamin K
microvascular damage severe in DIC pathological
production of a great FDP

in severe intravascular hemolysis DIC can be produced by releasing?

Hint: 2 choices
a large amount of III factor
a large amount of ADP
a large amount of RBC membranous phosphatides
a large amount of platelet factors

the common diseases of caused DIC are?

Hint: 3 choices
autonimmune disease
obsterc accidents
serious infections
severe trauma

the impairment of mononuclear phagocytes system is a predisposing factor of DIC, because the impairment of mononuclear phagocytes system may?

Hint: 2 choices
make the damage of cascular endothelia severely
promoting production of coagulation factors
decrease clearnce ability of the coagulation initiators
decrease clearance ability of the activating
coagulation factors