Each question has a question either about Schindler's list the film or Man's Search For Meaning the novel.

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In M.S.F.M each prisoners was given a number. How were they given?

They were burned onto their fore arms
They were given a piece of paper with the number on it
They were engraved into their skin

How much bread would the prisoners get in 4 days in M.S.F.M?

one 4-ounce piece of bread
one 5-ounce piece of bread
one 6-ounce piece of bread

What was a Capo in M.S.F.M?

Guards who were told to shoot the prisoners
Prisoners who were on the verge of death
Prisoners who acted as trustees, having special privileges or well known-prisoners

What is the archetype for RED?

Dramatic, Energetic, Brave, Passionate
Sunny, Cheerful, Happy, Creative
Powerful, Sophisticated, Artistic, Serious

In Schindler's list what color coat was the little girl wearing?


What we're the 3 symbols in Schindler's list only?

Cigarettes, Birds, Color
Piles of personal items, Red coat, Candles
Candles, Piles of personal items, Food

Why did the Nazis depict the Jews as "vermin" and as "rats?"

The Nazis believed this was the necessary first step in the process of first isolating the Jews and then exterminating them.
They actually thought they were rats and vermin's
They didn't think that they were hurt the feelings of the Jews so it was done as a joke

Before entering the Shower in Schindler's list what was done to the woman?

They were thrown in a pile of clothes
They were beaten
Their heads were shaved

How many Jewish lives did Schindler save?


What was the instrument that was played as Viktor Frankl thought of his wife?