Team Fortress Two Quiz

Team Fortress Two Quiz

I've been seeing a lot of Minecraft and MW3 quizzes so I decided to do something different.

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Which company published and created Team Fortress 2?


What is the major drawback of using a phlogsinator?

Less damage
You have to taunt to activate the bonus
No airblast

Why wouldn't you use the brass beast?

It slows you down when you ready it
The higher damage is overrated
It looks bad

Aside from the alternate fire, why else would anybody want to use a cow-mangler?

The extra shot
It looks cool
People underestimate the weapon.

Arguably, what is the easiest hat to obtain in the game?

Stout Shako
Ghastly Gibus

Check every item used by the spy

Select the four correct answers
Your Eternal Reward
Bonk! Atomic Punch
Dead Ringer
Enthusiast's timepiece
Rocket Jumper

Why is Valve the greatest PC game maker in the world?

Select the three correct answers
They make great games that are fun to play
They have great music and graphic artists
They are friendly to their consumers and treat the PC market well.

'Stab Stab Stab!'

The Huntsman
The Wanga Prick
The Amputator

Select all the options that are songs from TF2

Select the three correct answers
'From Wharf to Wilds'
'Right behind you...'
'Whispering Rock'
'Rocket Jump Waltz'
'Grunt's Appearance'
'He's listening to classical music'

Which one of these is a server mod for TF2?

Simply Horses
Saxton Hale
Interior Dremorating

Is this the last question?

I don't know

What engine is this game coded in?

Unreal Engine
Source Engine

Check all that apply to you if you are hatless

Select the two correct answers

What is the only Meet the Team video not out yet?

Meet the Pyro
Meet the Medic
Meet the Minigun

Was this quiz boring?

Select the two correct answers
Yes, get on with it.
*Sarcasm* No, you did a great job. */Sarcasm*