Ultimate Jessie J quiz

Ultimate Jessie J quiz

Take this quiz to find out if you're a true heartbeat! This quiz covers everything from Jessie's personal life to her famous music.

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Where is Jessie J from?

Redbridge, Greater London
Romford, Greater London
Dagenham, Greater London

What is Jessie's full name?

Jessica Jane Cornish
Jessica Elizabeth Cornish
Jessica Ellen Cornish

Jessie had to take tablets when she was younger, which of these symptoms did they give her?

Constant Headaches
Dizziness when standing up
Green tinting of the skin

Which of these songs has Jessie admitted is about an ex-girlfriend?

Casualty of Love

In which of these places did Jessie write the song "Who you are"?

On a plane from London
In her bedroom at home
In her hotel room in LA

One of Jessie's songs stars in a movie with actress Emma Stone, whats the movie called?

Jessie has two older sisters, what are there names? - Select two answers

Select the two correct answers

Jessie wrote the song "I need this" for another artist, she also did her own version. Which artist did the other version?

Miley Cyrus
Kanye West
Chris Brown
Leona Lewis

Jessie wants to give money to a certain type of charity, which one?

Youth clubs around the UK
Helping families of soliders
Helping families of sick kids