A few easy questions

God bless America!(USA!)

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What are the colors of the American(USA) flag?

Hint: 3 choices

How many states are currently(2010) part of America?


What are some rights that American citizens are given?

Hint: 5 choices
The right to remain cilent
Freedom of speech
Freedom of religion
Kill anyone who offends them
Make their childer sell drugs or hookers
Due process of law
Double jepordy

What is the name of the first American president who lead patriot soldiers to kill the (red-coats) British soldiers?

George Bush
George Washington
Dinzel Washington

What are possible reasons why many countries hate America?

Hint: 12 choices
Both Bush presidents sent troops to fight for foriegn oil because they owned oil companies
America is a disgrace
America still has the strongest military after kicking ass in almost all U.S. wars
American citizens can practice any religion
Other countries refue to allow a practice of religion coexist with their own
Third world are angered by the differences
Many are angry because american soldiers have killed their innocent in an act of precaution because they strap bombs to their children
They judge the many by the actions of the few they have seen and belive all americans are the same
Some american presidents have tried to police the world and put their 2 cents into action
America has more luxuries
They are treated poorly in America
Most americans don't care about class
America has helped their enemies
We may be more advanced
America has an obsolete education system
America does not show justice