Do you belong in the Hunger Games Fandom?

Do you belong in the Hunger Games Fandom?

Many say they are huge fans of the Hunger Games book, but are they? The true Hunger Games fans are in the "family." This family is known as a fandom. Take this 20 question quiz to find out if you are Hunger Games Fandom material. *please note that this quiz contains questions only about the first book in the trilogy*

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What color is Flavius' hair?

pea green

What day could you take more tesserae in the districts?

The day you turn twelve
May 8th
June 21st

Katniss assesses how she can get water. Which does she decide is the best decision?

Keep Looking-- the wildlife has to drink something too!
hope for rain-- even though there is not a cloud in the sky
Return to the lake-- she might not make it, but it may be worth the risk!

What is the first meal Katniss eats with Cinna?

chicken and chunks of oranges laid in a creamy sauce, a Capitol delicacy.
Mice meat, pig entrails, and tree bark to remind her of home.
A thick carrot soup, green salad, lamb chops, mashed potatoes, cheese and fruit, and a chocolate cake.

After Katniss discovers that Peeta wants to train on their own now, what is her first feeling?


Winning means fame and fortune. losing means?

After telling Peeta about her experience with the redheaded girl, she shes what in her dreams?

Primrose and her mother asleep with Buttercup watching over them.
Gory images from earlier Hunger Games.
Peacekeepers barging into their home, sending her mother to jail and taking Prim the the community home.

During her session with Effie, Katniss has to practice walking in heels. She is glad to find that the shoes Cinna selected are...

the same height as the practice shoes
at least 2 inches shorter

Who is Madge Undersee?

Peeta's childhood friend
The Mayor's daughter
A girl who buys strawberries secretly from Katniss

On her way to the feast, as she is running to the table, what does Katniss say is fortunate about the knife thrown at her?

She has another knife now.
It misses her by far.
It was on the right side of her.

After the opening ceremonies, Peeta is especially sweet to Katniss. How does she react?

She stands tall and kisses his jaw.
She jumps off of their chariot, which was being pulled my coal black horses.
She plots how to kill him in the arena for making her look weak.

After Katniss knows that Rue is finally out of the arena, what does she mutter?

safe and sound
too young, to sweet to die
6 of us left

The first time Katniss witnesses Foxface in the Career's camp, what does she see her do?

dancing about happy to see the careers have left
falling and screatching
laughing crazily

When Clove is about to kill Katniss, Thresh lifts her up. How does he kill Clove?

With his hands, after all, he is strong enough.
With a rock, that's all he had.
With one of her own knives.

After the private session with the gamemakers, and they sit down to dinner, what happens?

Katniss doesn't even attend dinner.
Peeta seems upset that no one watched his private session either.
Effie yells at Katniss for stabbing the Mahogany table with a butter knife.

How long does Katniss wait for the iodine to purify her water?

15 minutes
30 minutes
an hour

Why does Haymitch not send Katniss water?

He is sending all of their sponsors gifts to Peeta
She is close to water already and it would be a waste to send
He hates her and has already proven that to her

Katniss and Gale would prefer what over dying of hunger?

A bullet to the head
Being placed in the community home
Being displayed for a public thrashing by the Head Peacekeeper

Before arriving at the Training Center, how many times has Katniss ever ridden in an elevator?

Doesn't say

There is a crippled boy who is very quiet in the interviews with Caesar. What district is he from?