do you really know your super natrul

come here and see if you really know sam and dean

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who broke the last seal


wicth 2 people are the main characters in supernatrul

Select the two correct answers

why did castiel want to kill anna

because she was a witch
she was and angel that lost her grace
she was a demen
because castiel was a demen

how did the siren hyponotize dean

bye drinking out of the same bottle
bye toching each other
bye making love
bye drinking his blood

how did sam come back to life

talking to an angel
bye magic
bye dean making a dealfo him to go to hell and and sam come back to life
castiel thought he should get a second chance

how did dean get out of hell

sam prayed
he fell
a demen pulled him out
castiel pulled him out

what was dean's consquence from getting out of hell

he could never walk again
a big handprint on his shoulder
he could see everyone else but sam
he could never use his arms again

what kind of monster liked non happy endings

a old man
a demend
a shap shifter
a witch