1 Yr Music?

1 Yr Music?

A quiz about GCSE Music, designed for myself and anyone else who has taken the subject.

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What is the tonality and harmony of this piece?

Select the one correct answers
in D♭ major + dominant pedal
diatonic harmony + chromaticism
chromatic chords + pedal notes
circle of 5ths progression
G major end = E♭ major
hexatonic scales

What is the structure of Chopin Prelude No.15?

Select the one correct answers
ritornello – orchestral introduction
based on 4 motifs
Ternary form (ABA)
A – D♭ major, B – C♯ minor A – D♭
three layers – 1. syncopated quaver
motif, 2. new syncopated quaver
motif, 3. sustained motif

What is the texture of this piece?

Select the one correct answers

What is the rhythm, metre and tempo of Chopins piece like?

Select the one correct answers
many short fragmented motifs
octave displacement
4 Improvised Solos – 1. Trumpet –
short syncopated motifs, 2. Alto
Sax – quicker notes, 3. Tenor Sax –
fast scales, 4. Piano – calmer,
simpler melody
4/4 time
piece in legato
repeated quavers throughout
melody begins with dotted rhythm

What are the key features of the romantic period?

Music is more expressive and
emotional and tells stories
Music uses crescendos and diminuendos
Music using lots of layered textures

What is the melody of Prelude No.15 like?

Select the one correct answers
balanced 4 or 8 bar phrases + scalic
Question and answer
one bar motif repeated – forms an
lyrical melody in the right hand
decorated with ornaments
dotted rhythms + chromaticism

What about the dynamics?

Select the one correct answers
extreme contrast between ppp + fff
lots of crescendos + diminuendos
no sudden contrasts + wide range
quiet to soft very dramatic