How Good Do You Know Spanish?

How Good Do You Know Spanish?

How good is your Spanish. Do you need more lessons or not.

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How do you say, 'Hello, how are you?' in spanish?

Hola, Como estats
Hola, yo estoy loco
Hola, que pasa pasa

You are a nurse at the doctors office, and the only one who can translate. A patient walks up to you and says to you, Hola, necesito un doctor. Algo esta mal con mi bebe.'' What did she say?

What is the first step in a proper Spanish Conversation?

Select the one correct answers
Hola, como estas?
Muy Bien. Y tu?

Are you a_____________in spanish? Choose 1.

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What is your natural language?


Adios. Espero que lo hizo muy bien en esta prueba, y estoy seguro de haberlo hecho. Por favor, espere unos minutos antes de recibir sus resultados. What was the second sentence I said?

I hope you did very good on this quiz, and I'm sure you did
I'm sure you aced this quiz, and you should have.
This quiz was very easy, if you failed, I don't know what to say.

Say, 'I want to go to the waterpark and play.' in spanish.