Do you know your Grell Sutcliff?

Do you know your Grell Sutcliff?

Grell--the ultimate Reaper...and lover, has a story. Do you know it? Test your "Grell-bilities" here!

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Grell is attracted to...

Handsome men
Anything Pink

Grell's nickname for Sebastian is...

Grell loves....

Select the four correct answers
The Undertaker

Grell's two Death Sycthes are...

an axe and a chainsaw
a chainsaw and some pliers
an axe and pliers
a chainsaw and scissors
an axe and scissors
pliers and scissors

Why is Grell punished by William? |In the Jack the Ripper case|

He killed people on the to die list too early, and ate some cheese.
He killed people not on the to die list and personalized his death scythe.
He killed Ciel and Lizzy with a gun.

Which of the following are the punishments Grell received?

Select the two correct answers
He was demoted.
He was killed.
He was given a pathetic death scythe.
He was sent to prison.

What is Grell's favourite colour?

What is Grell?

A Death God
A Reaper
A shinigami
A Demon
A Human
A, B, and C