A Mercy, Vocabulary Quiz

A Mercy, Vocabulary Quiz

In this vocabulary quiz you will review the words that you used in task #2.

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What best describes the word placid?

Very lively, wild

What is the meaning of skittish?

Lively or frisky in action
Crazy, Insane
Uncapable of being captured

What does the word scat mean?

To run very fast
To go away quickly
To come to a sudden halt

Oblige means?

To lie, to be untruthful
To give up suddenly
To do something as a favor

Define the word Solicitation.

To strongly urge
To become lonely
To act in a mature way

Deacon means?

A subordinate officer in a christian church
To act or use violence
An arguementive person

What does the word animosity mean?

Refuse to work
Ill will or resentment
Being very cautious

Define Drudgery.

Tiresome or dreadful work
Easy going
Incapable of being revoked

What does surreptitious mean?

To cry all of the time
To snatch secretly
To walk quietly

The definition of the word tawny is:

A sky blue color
A brownish orange color
Pale white