Developmental theory

Developmental theory

Revision questions for debates, methodology and the history of developmental psychology

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Bandura's social learning theory argued we learn from interactions with the environment and through observation. True or false?


Observing the behaviours of children in their own environment is an example of...

Structured observation
A self-report technique
Cross-sequential research
Naturalistic observation

Which of these is the correct order of Freud's psycho-sexual stages?

Phallic, Oral, Anal, Genital, Latency
Genital, Oral, Phallic, Anal, Latency
Oral, Anal, Phallic, Latency, Genital

Select all the options where the era is next to the correct date:

Select the four correct answers
Reformation - 6th Century
Ethological - 16th Century
Medieval - 6th-15th Century
Reformation - 17th and 18th Century
Enlightenment - 17th and 18th Century
Theory of evolution - 20th Century
Ethological - 20th Century
Theory of evolution - 19th Century

What was Watson's behaviourism was centred around?

Operant conditioning
Classical conditioning
Social conditioning

What is the main weakness of correlational research?

It cannot establish a cause and
effect relationship
It can suffer from experimenter bias
It requires huge amounts of time and

What was the main Puritan belief of the Reformation era?

Children were not just 'mini-adults'
Original sin - children were born
Human evolution was similar to child

What was Skinner's behaviourism centred around?

Operant conditioning
Classical conditioning
Social conditioning

'As an infant we think in the same ways as adults, but develop in complexity over time' - this is an example of...

Discontinuous development
Continuous development
Normative development

What does the micro-genetic method involve?

A combination of cross-sectional and
longitudinal methods
Testing an individual for a specific
gene defect
Using repeated testing to examine how
a specific ability develops over time

Tabula Rasa means...

Original sin
Child care
Blank slate

Jean-jaques Rousseau believed in...

Nature and genetics
Innate goodness

In the Medieval era, children were protected and the law was lenient on them. True or false?