Harry Styles

Harry Styles

If you LOVE harry styles, come one, do this quiz. if you are a super fan, get 100%

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What instrument does he play?

a little bit of the drums
a little bit the the piano
a little bit of the kazoo

which one does he like better? Sun or Snow?


If he had 1 superpower, what would it be?

time travel

What 4 things can't live without?

friends,family,phone,and music
computer,life,phone,and girls
family,heart,music,and curly hair

If harry could play a leading role in a film, what would it be?

Jim Carrey
Harry Potter
Josh Hutcherson

What does Harry look in a girl?

nice person with a good sense of humor,nice smile and a nice bum
brunette with blue eyes,cheeky,and white teeth
brown eyes,good sense of humor,can be sarcastic sometimes

What is Harry's fav. food of all time?


What is Harry's fav. joke?

Why did the mushroom go to the party?
Cos he was a fun-guy!
knock,knock...who's there? Hula...Hula who? 'p'
why didn't the ghost cross the road?
Cos he didn't have the guts