Electricity Quiz

Electricity Quiz

A quiz to test you on your knowledge on electricty, win points by answering the questions right!

published on April 22, 20125 responses 2 5.0★ / 5

Does electricty power....

a book?
a kettle?
a hair clip?

What do you use to measure a current in a circuit

an ammeter?
a voltmeter?
a ruler?

A material that lets electricity pass through it is...

an insulator?
a conductor?
a metal?

What is the path electricity takes called?

a walk?
a travel?
a circuit?

How can you save electricty...

by turning off lights?
by leaving lights on?
by reading a book?

Electricity is a flow of negative charge...


what is a wire made of?

a metal?

what is dangerous?

putting a knife in an electric socket?
leaving a light on?
using a kettle?

What is an example of alternative energy?

natural gas?
corn oil?

What are the tall towers that carry electricity called?

a pole?
a stick?
a pylon?