You were asked to take notes... Now for the QUIZ!!!

You were asked to take notes... Now for the QUIZ!!!

Hope you were concentrating... Because the top marks will get prizes for paying attention - this is a school project so people on the web please don't ask me for sweets...

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Was the land of Canaan fertile? (Hint, answer 'The land was fertile' or 'The land wasn't fertile'.

What were the tribes of the twelve spies named after?

The twelve sons of Abraham
The twelve sons of Joseph
The twelve sons of Jacob

Which of the spies got to live in Canaan?

Select the two correct answers

Why did God condemn everyone to roam the desert for 40 days except Caleb and Joshua?

God prefered Caleb and Joshua because their fathers were devout and loyal worshippers of him.
Everyone except Caleb and Joshua believed they would never be able to overcome the city as the walls were so high and the people so strong.
God thought all the spies except Caleb and Joshua were over enthusiastic and wanted to start pillaging the land right away.

Which of these people were spies?

Select the three correct answers
Hoshea (Joshua)