do you know prince jackson

do you know everthing about prince jackson? then take the pj quiiz here

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when was prince jackson born

feb 21
feb 13
feb 14

what is prince jackson fav food?

how many brother and sister and brothers does prince have?

Select the two correct answers
1 brother 2 sisters
1 brother 1 sister
2 brothers 1 sister

does prince have girlfriend?

whats prince jackson fathers "full" name?

what prince jackson middle name?

whats prince jackson real name? hint:don't put the 11 or 11 just put 2.

what does prince like to do the most? hint:there more then one.

Select the three correct answers
be on the computer
take care of his family
watch t.v
go outside

how old is prince?


what's prince fav drink?