Do you know the geniuses behind the songs?

Do you know the geniuses behind the songs?

People like Taylor Swift, Kesha, Marianas Trench and more produce fun songs for us to listen to but sometimes we can love a song and not even know the singers behind them. This quiz is to see how many singers you know?

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Which one of these was not a singer but a composer?

Igor Stravinsky
Taylor Swift
Hugh Tuloo

Who wrote the song " Teddybear?"

Which one of these girl singersand rappers are using a different name then their own?

Kelly Clarkson
Nikki Minaj
Katy Perry

Who's alboum is called 21

Who made the song " Billy Jean"

Which one of these is a group band not a singular singer?

Select the two correct answers
Ava Lucu
Selena Gomez
Ritz splitz

Who is the oldest out of these three?

Mick Jagger
Brian Wilson

Which one of these guy rappers/singers are using a fake name?

Elton John
Elvis Presley

Who's song includes these lyrics " If your heart wears thin I will hold you up"