are you smarter than a 5 grader

are you smarter than a 5 grader

are you dummer or smarter than a 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 or even a tenth grader take this simple quiz to findout.! are you?

published on March 15, 201250 responses 10

how do you have sex

its always different
fuck hard and nice
excuse me

who is ann frank

a holocaust survivor
a halaucaust victim and survivor

how did george washington die

natural causes
sore throught
shot in war
disease of some sort

who is the 1 president

george washington
abe lincoln
gorge bush
andrew jackson
john f kennedy

what is a butter churn

an tool used to make butter
a tool used to churn butter
a tool used in the 1800's

what is the legal age

it depends
i dont know

what is a johnny cake

a cakester bought at gasstation
pioneer food
cake made of fried cornmeal
both a and b
both a b and c
all of the above