do you know volleyball?

do you know volleyball?

do you?????? please take this quiz! i'm trying to get at least 90 responses!

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when you are playing league volleyball, which is an illegal move?

making the ball do a spiral
bumping the ball
spiking on a serve

if a person on the other team hits the ball over and it goes out, but before it goes out you touch, it is...

their point
your point

you hit the ball and it goes under the net...

still in!!!
that means time out!!!
your point!!!
none of the above!!!

how many games are usually in one volleyball game?

which is correct?

set, serve, spike
bump, set, spike
set, bump, spike
bump, serve, spike
all of the above

how many players are on one side at a time during a game?

any amount

if you are a girl with earrings and you can't or are not supposed to take them out, what do you have to do?

put a bandaid or tape over them
you can't play the game
you have to put your shirt over them
TO BAD FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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