Do You Know How To Care For Toys?

Do You Know How To Care For Toys?

Take this quiz to find out if you can really care for your toy. We hope you do well.

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If a DVD or CD is rated, what does this mean?

It's for baby toys.
Your toy has to be a certain age to watch/listen to it.
Any toy can watch it.

What is the name of the Toypetz Club's company who rates the movies and CDs for toys?

Toysiez 3
Toytoy Raters
Toypetz Rating Studio

What should you do if your toy is very ill?

Send it to school with a big dinner.
Let it have a day off school and give it some medicine.
Fuss over it, then send it to school.

What would be a good dinner for a toy to keep healthy?

Carrot sticks, a Pepperami, a banana, a sandwich and a cupcake.
McDonalds happy meals every day.
Salad and peas.

It is time for the party of the year, and your toy needs an outfit. What outfit is right for the party?

A clown outfit.
A muddy suit.
A nice dress/suit.

Should you take your toy on crazy fast rides at the fair?

Toys might like it, but they have to be buckled up close to you.
No, the toy will fall out of the ride and die!
Yeah! My toy will love to jiggle itself about and have fun!

Are toys allowed to go to fast food places like McDonalds, Pizza Hut and KFC?

Of course! I take my toy there every day!
No! My toy will get fat!
Yes, but they must not eat a lot.

What is randomene?

A product in bubble baths for toys. Some toys are allergic to it.
An animal