Rocker or not?That is the question!

Rocker or not?That is the question!

If you've always wondered if you're a rocker or not,take this quizz and find out!

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Do you like Rock/Metal music?

I think so.
Yes,I can't live without it!
No,I don't...

Which of these bands/singers,do you prefer?

Select the four correct answers
Katy Perry
Alicia Keys
Arctic Monkeys
Linkin Park
David Guetta
Bob Marley
Sean Kingston
Flo Rida
50 Cent

What do you think about Joan Jett?

I love her music!It's so cool!!
It's not realy my type of music.
I can listen to her music but I am not a fan.

Who plays and sings this music? 'Voodoo Child'

Would you like to learn how to play an instrument?if yes,what kind of instrument?

I would like to play the violin or the piano or something like that.
No,I wouldn't.I prefer listening to music.
Yes.I would like to play guitar or drums or bass.
Yes,I would but I don't know which one.They are all so cool.