Doctor Who

Doctor Who

Do you know Doctor Who? Lets find out--at a challenge from 1963-2012! Every question is different, just like every doctor!

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Why did they re-film the first episode of Doctor Who?

He was way too nice!
He was too mean!
His hair fell off!
It was the wrong guy!

Who did the Doctor have twice in the same regeneration?


Who were the Doctor's most current assistants?

Hint: 3 choices
River Song
Singing River
Amy Pond
Rory Williams
Romana the 2nd
Rose Tyler

What is the Doctor's Name?


What is the Doctor's current favourite food?


How long did the Doctor say Amy had to wait?

6 minutes
8 hours
5 minutes
A day
A week
He just says that he will come back.

What is the 4th Doctor known for?


Which Doctors were voted most liked?

1st, 10th, 11th
2nd, 10th, 12th
4th, 3rd, 10th

Which Doctor's were known for something very obvious?

Hint: 2 choices
The fourth Doctor's Scarf
The 2nd Doctor's Flute
The eighth doctor's Hat
The Seventh doctor's face

Which assistant was with the Doctor for two regenerations?