Safety patrol

Safety patrol

Test your knowledge of safety with first aid, kitchen safety,food safety, fire and electrical safety

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What two colours are a first aid box

red and white
green and white
yellow and black

Where should you keep a first aid box

in a freezer
beside the TV
in the kitchen

Which of these should you have in a first aid box

a bannana
a hammar

when should u get out your first aid box

if you get bored and want to play with somthing
if you cut yourself
to wash your hair

where should a pan handle be pointing

in behind the edage
facing out the edage
there should be no handle

If the kitchen floor is wet what should you do

just leave it
put more water on it
clean it up

who should be supervised all the time the kitchen

a child
an adult
an elderly

if you are carrying a khife which way should you hold it

pointing outwards
up at your face
at the ground

what causes salmonella

raw eggs

what is the temperature range that bacteria grows

-5 to 5 degrees
50 to 100 degrees
5 to 60 degrees

how do you check if meatballs are cooked thoroughly

look at the outside to see if its brown
cut it open
feel it

where in the fridge do you keep cooked meat

top self
bottom self
vegetable drawer

what number should you call in the case of a fire


what should you put over your fire place

a fire gaurd

what should you put on a fire

a wet cloth

when your going to bed what should you do with a lit candel

leave it
blow it out
put it under the curtin

if there is a cut in your lead what should you do

get someone confident to fix it
put type around it
leave it

what time of year are most fire cases caused in


what should you do with all your electrical items at night

put them on stand by
turn them off completly
leave them on

in an average estate where is the electric stored

the electric box
in a house
in a puddle