Biggest Toypetz Quiz Ever

Biggest Toypetz Quiz Ever

This is the biggest Toypetz Quiz ever! Have fun and please comment. Thanks from Toypetz.

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Who are the Toypetz Club?

I don't know.
Spies who care for their toys as if they were kids.

Which two of these are real Toypetz songs?

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Supermarket Rock
Have Fun
Earth Day

What is the name of the Toypetz TV Channel?

What are Chedds?

Small bricks of potatoes and bread and cheese that the spies eat at meetings.

Who is the leader of the Toypetz Club?

Boy Quirrell

What do the spies do to tell everyone there's a meeting?

Get a wooden plank and hit a metal pole with it to make a sound to attract members.

What is the name of the book series by the Toypetz Club where the Toypetz Club live in a zoo?

What is the name of the Toypetz episode where Victoria says "I eat Toasties for breakfast!"?

What is the name of Victoria's first toypet?

How did the spy club form?

They were being silly feeding their toys and the idea just came. Then more members came.
They copied it.
Toypetz isn't real!

Name things a toypet needs from you.

A kite, a ball, a personal disco.
Love, shelter, food, water and exersise.
100000000000000000000000000000000000 cupcakes

What food should a toy have?

Mushed up versions of what I'm eating and the occasional chocolate.

What is the first episode of Series 4 called?

Which of these people are involved in Toypetz?

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Scooby Doo