Sir Thomas Malory

Sir Thomas Malory

Quiz about Malory's biography and his work "Morte Darthur"

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Who was the author of "Morte Darthur"?

Geoffrey chaucer
Sir Thomas Malory

When was Malory born?

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Around 1395
Around 1416
Around 1442

When was Malory when he wrote his book?

in colchester Castle
in Parliament
in prison

What do you know about Malory's early years?

almost nothing is known of Malory's early years
he was a Duke
he was in prison at the age of 16

When did he become a knight?

in 1442
in 1441
in 1447

In what year did he represent Warwickshire in parliament?

in 1416
in 1445
in 1471

Sir Thomas married Leicestershire

Elf Queen
Lizzi Queen
Elizabeth Walsh of Wanlip

...................Malory and 26 other armed men were said to have laid an ambush for the Duke of Buckingham in the Abbot of Combe's woods near Newbold Revell.

On January 14th 1450
On January 4th 1450
On January 4th 1405

On May 23rd Sir thomas Malory allegedly raped ...............

Joan Smith at Coventry
Elizabeth Walsh of Wanlip
Joan Smith at Buckingham

Malory was arrested and imprisoned at ...........

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