The Ice Age

The Ice Age

Do you really know what went on during this icy time? Let's test your skills...

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What else was going on in the world during the time of the Ice Age?

Fish evolved into cavemen
God scattered the inhabitants of the earth at the tower of Babel
The Fall of the Roman Empire

How did the Ice Age happen?

A meteor hit and tilted the earth causing an instantaneous ice age
Slowly of a period of many years
It never happened

What do you call a huge mass of ice that flows slowly over a landmass?

A Glacier
An Iceberg

What was discovered submerged in the ice of Antarctica?

A mammoth
A saber tooth tiger
A Grasshopper
A Palm Tree

When did the Ice Age happen?

Millions and millions of years ago
A Millenium ago
After the flood of Noah's Ark