Fetal Development from Conception to Birth

Fetal Development from Conception to Birth

A lot of changes happen to mother and baby in three trimesters, take this trimester teaser to test your fetal facts

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Approximately how many weeks gestation is a full term human pregnancy?


Select all the correct information about a zygote:

Select the two correct answers
Refers to the fetus after implantation in the uterine wall
Starts as a single cell
Travels down the Fallopian tube after fertilization
Travels down the Fallopian tube before fertilization
A late term fetus

At the end of the first month of development the embryo has grown to approximately what size?

2 cm
0.6 cm
0.2 cm
4 cm

True or False: By 4 weeks the heart has completed its first beat


Select all the fetal development milestones that occur between 5-8 weeks gestation:

Select the four correct answers
neural tube that connects the brain and spinal cord will close
Eyes are in their final position
Embryos arm and leg buds form
Morning sickness is common at this time
By the end of 8 weeks embryo is now called a fetus

True or False between 9 and 10 weeks the fetus' eyelids are open?


By the end of 10 weeks which of the following organs are fully functional?

All of the above

Select all that apply to the fourth month of pregnancy (14-18 weeks)

Select the three correct answers
Fetus develops ultra fine hair called lanugo
Babies sex can be determined by ultrasound (if its in the right position!)
Baby will turn its head in response to a flashlight pointed at the uterus
Baby will practice breathing- swallowing placental fluid in the process

True or False: For women with a healthy BMI it is recommended that they gain approximately 1 lb a week in the second and third trimester


At six months (23-27 weeks) the fetus is approximately how long crown to rump?

20 cm
30 cm
45 cm

True or False: By the end of seven months the main focus of fetal development is to gain fat


Select all that apply to the ninth month of pregnancy

Select the three correct answers
Fetus is between 25-35 cm
Fetus is between 45-55 cm
Fetal movement can keep mother awake at night
Fetus will drop into the pelvis to prepare for birth
Fetus weighs approximately 3-4 lbs